Can You Put a Pan on a Blackstone Griddle?

Have you ever wondered whether you could put a pan on a Blackstone griddle? You may even wonder why you need to use a pan, whereas you can cook on your Blackstone griddle.

Well, there are several reasons why you may want to consider putting a pan on your Blackstone griddle. That said, here is why you need to put a pan on your Blackstone griddle and what kind of a pan is suitable.

Can You Put a Pan on a Blackstone Griddle?

Yes, it’s okay to put a pan on a Blackstone Griddle. However, only use CAST IRON; it’s the only safe choice. A Blackstone griddle produces heat that goes as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit, which might be too hot for other metals.

Why You Need to Use a Pan

The whole essence of a Blackstone griddle indeed is to cook on it. However, there are times you may not need to cook on it.

If you plan to whip up something quick, for example, you may need to use a pan. A pan is a great heat distributor and will save you time.

Having said that, the advice is that you use a cast-iron skillet. There are several reasons why a cast-iron skillet is the best. Let’s discuss some of them.

It’s Easier to Clean

However much you love your Blackstone griddle, cleaning it can be hectic and an unpleasant exercise at times. It takes time to wipe down all the fats, oils, and any excess bits of food.

However, cleaning a cast-iron skillet is easy and not time-consuming. You only have the cast-iron skillet to clean alone. If you intend to save the time you use for cleaning, a pan will be ideal for cooking.

The following points are helpful when cleaning cast-iron skillet:

  • Rinse using really hot water as you scrub with a stiff brush
  • Get rid of stubborn food stuck on the pan by boiling water on the pan then allowing it to stand for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse a second time.
  • Cast-iron should not drip dry. The best way to dry it is to wipe it dry using a towel. This prevents rusting.
  • After towel drying it, dry it thoroughly by placing it over low heat on the stove.

A Cast-Iron Skillet has an Amazing Heat Distribution

There’s no doubt that Blackstone griddles are good at heat distribution. However, cast-iron skillets do a better job here.

Cast iron skillets are designed to withstand high degrees of heat. As such, you can comfortably use them on a Blackstone griddle without any fear.

What’s more, these pans have unmatched heating properties. They are excellent at getting extremely hot and retaining the heat for long.

This feature is important, especially when you want to sear meat to create a nice char. It’s also helpful when you want to pan-roast chicken and vegetables.

With a cast iron pan, you can keep your food warm for a long time.

Cast-iron pans are also excellent when it comes to even heating. In case you are cooking meat, your meat browns better without having to rotate the pan constantly.

They are Virtually Indestructible

Cast-iron is heavy-duty kitchen equipment. No wonder it can withstand the intense heat of a Blackstone griddle.

If you take good care of it, your pan can last you forever. You can use it as many times as you want without fearing that it will get destroyed.

Metal cookware is usually a no when scraping off excess food. However, with cast iron, even using metal cookware to scrape away extra food won’t damage it.

The seasoning in cast iron is highly resilient; this is because it’s chemically bonded to the metal.

That said, keep off acidic foods from your cast-iron pan. Acidic food may cause the leaching of metallic flavors into your food from any unseasoned spots.

They are Insanely Versatile

You can use your cast-iron pan for different cooking purposes. You can use it for:

  • Pan-frying
  • Sautéing
  • Baking
  • Roasting
  • Braising
  • Broiling
  • Searing

With the possibility of applying all these techniques, your pan becomes your friend and must-have kitchen equipment.

They are Easy to Re-season

Re-seasoning a cast-iron pan is simpler than re-seasoning a Blackstone griddle.

Your skillet is due for seasoning if:

  •  Food begins to stick on its surface
  • It begins to lose its shiny nature and turns dull

The following are easy steps to re-season your pan:

  • Begin by preheating your oven to between 350° and 400°.
  • Place a foil lining on the bottom of the oven.
  • Using hot soapy water, clean your pan, scrub and dry it
  • Spread oil both inside and outside the pan surface
  • Turn the pan upside down and place it on the top rack of the oven
  • Allow to bake for one hour, then turn the oven off
  • Allow the pan to cool completely while inside the oven (preferably overnight)
  • Once it has cooled, take it out, and you are good to go

The best news, however, is that as you often cook with your pan, you are also seasoning it. Your pan becomes better with every cooking.

They Add Iron to Your Food

It’s among the most significant health benefits of using cast-iron pans. For those people who suffer from iron deficiency, these pans add iron to your food.

Using a cast iron pan can add your iron content by about 20 times.

A good example is a study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. The study established that if you cooked spaghetti, whose iron content is 0.6 mg, it would jump to 5.7 mg.

So, don’t fear using your pan on your Blackstone griddle; you are bound to benefit more, even nutrition-wise.

They are Less Expensive

Compared to stainless steel pans in the market, cast-iron pans are cheaper. They are, undoubtedly, an investment worth making.

Choosing the Best Cast-Iron Pan for Use With Your Blackstone Griddle

I have already informed you why you can use your pan on a Blackstone griddle.

However, I went further and tried out different types of pans to know which would work best for me. From my research, I came up with several factors that determine how easy and comfortable a pan is to use.

Next time you go out there to buy your pan, consider the following.

It Should be Factory Seasoned

A good pan will be pre-seasoned right from the factory. A seasoned pan will be black or brown all over its surface. Again, check to ensure that the color is even, with no blotches or darker specks.

A good seasoning ensures that your food doesn’t stick to the pan. This is thanks to the polymerized oil that offers a nonstick, rust-proof finish.

It Should be Easy to Maneuver

Generally, cast-iron pans are heavy, weighing about 8 ½ pounds. Consequently, look for a pan that has a comfortable handle. On its opposite edge, it should also have a large helper handle.

The two handles are essential when taking the pan from the grill or draining grease from the pan.

Slightly rounded stick handles are among the best since they allow for a natural grip, essential for good control.

It Should Have a Large Pour Spout

I prefer a pan that has a functional pour spout. Such a spout ensures no bacon drippings dribble, causing a mess.

It Should be Inexpensive.

I have tested different pans whose prices range from $20 to $300. My conclusion is that their performance isn’t that different.

Many inexpensive ones are slightly heavier than the new generation, more expensive ones. They also have a pebblier texture compared to a new generation pan, which is smoother.

However, I found both pans equally nonstick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put a pan on top of a griddle?

Yes, it’s okay to put a pan on a Blackstone griddle. Although the primary function of a Blackstone griddle is to cook on it, you are not restricted to that.

Using a pan will significantly help you to save time. Pans also remain hot for a long time. However, ensure you use only cast-iron pans.

Can you cook with pots on a flat top grill?

Yes. You can use pots on a flat top grill. Whereas the ordinary grill has a grate, a flat top grill only has a flat cooking surface. As such, you can comfortably place your cooking pot on the surface.

Can I use a metal spatula on a griddle?

Preferably, use non-metal tools. However, you can use metal utensils on cast iron and stainless griddles. Avoid using metallic cooking tools on a nonstick surface.

Wrapping Up

You need not worry about putting your pan on a Blackstone griddle. According to Blackstone themselves, it is completely safe to use your pan on the griddle.

All you need to ensure is that you use a cast-iron pan. Cast-iron skillets have been designed to withstand extremely high temperatures.

So, when you don’t want to be bothered with too much cleaning of your Blackstone griddle, why not use a cast-iron pan instead!