Blackstone Griddle Warranty

Buying your griddle from Blackstone does not guarantee that it won’t get damaged. It also doesn’t guarantee you that all parts will be okay. So, what happens if any of the two situations occur?

Here is where the Blackstone griddle warranty comes in. The manufacturer gives you a warranty as a sign that your product is quality. It also gives you the right to ask the manufacturer to handle any issue that arises. But there’s more you need to know about a warranty.

Blackstone Griddle Warranty

Blackstone griddles have a backing of a warranty that lasts for one year. You can easily access the warranty by registering your grill with Blackstone. The warranty covers any manufacturer’s defects and makes it easy to make a claim to the company.

Blackstone Griddle Warranty for North Atlantic Imports

The North Atlantic Imports warranty covers all the parts of a grill and finishes. All these get a one-year-long warranty.

According to the warranty, Blackstone reserves the right to replace or repair your grill.

The warranty is also limited to the original buyer of the grill.

But there are exclusions to the warranty:

  • Damage to your product by the North Atlantic employees or its agents
  • Damages caused by your failure to operate the griddle properly
  • Any claim presented past the last date of the warranty
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Damage caused by modification of the griddle
  • Damage caused by buying the griddle from non-qualified dealers

You also need to be careful if you are those people who love buying damaged products at a discount. According to Blackstone, such a grill doesn’t qualify for a warranty.

According to the Blackstone agreement, other products that don’t qualify for a warranty include:

  • Any grill that you buy from non-Blackstone dealers
  • Any product you purchase as a floor model
  • Any grill that you fail to maintain properly

For your product to qualify for a warranty, you also need to ensure that you use it for the purpose you bought it.

For example, assume you bought your griddle for home use and turn it for commercial, institutional, or public use. You cannot present a warranty claim for that griddle if it gets damaged.

When your griddle has a warranty, the Blackstone Company has an obligation to either repair or replace it. They will, however, ascertain that there isn’t any breach of the warranty before they can act.

The company also requires you to inform them of any breach of the warranty that occurs within the warranty period. Failure to do this turns your warranty null and void.

What’s more,

The warranty only covers the grill and the parts that you purchased together. It does not cover any other accessories or parts that you buy separately or that were not supplied with the product.

Blackstone griddle’s warranty is non-refundable and applies only within the United States of America.

Here are some important points that you need to keep in mind concerning your Blackstone griddle warranty:

  • It gives you specific rights as a purchaser of the griddle. However, these rights will vary from one state to the other.
  • The manufacturer also has some rights enshrined in the warranty
  • You will need to validate your warranty by showing a copy of your proof of purchase
  •  Blackstone may request you to send a copy of your receipt as a confirmation of a warranty request
  • It’s a Federal Government requirement that a warranty be made available for every buyer
  • You will need to register your grill for you to present a claim. You can do this during business hours, 7 AM to 5 PM MST, running from Monday to Friday. However, this does not include major holidays.

Where Can I Find the Serial Number to Register My Griddle?

Blackstone 28-inch and 36-inch griddles have their serial numbers on the bottom shelf. The 17-inch and 22-inch models’ serial number is under the base.

The serial number comes printed on a silver sticker. If you can’t locate it on the bottom shelf, flip over the flat-top grill and check the other side.

Griddle Type Serial Number Location
Standard 36-inch units Bottom shelf, upper left side
Standard 28-inch units Bottom shelf, upper left side
Standard 22-inch units The underside of the base (on the front side) or attached to the griddle on a separate card.
Standard 17-inch units The underside of the base, on the front side or

Attached to the flat-top grill on a different card

Pro Series Griddles The outer back panel,

Bottom shelf in the cabinet or

Outer right-side panel

Air Fryer Griddles Outer back panel or

Bottom shelf towards the back

1783 model – Under the base or on the silver card attached to the flat-top grill on purchase.

Deep Fryer Griddles Bottom shelf on the left side or

Attached to grill on a separate card


Other Blackstone Griddles

Griddle Type Serial Number Location
Single Burner Rec Stove – 1504 Left leg support bar
Tailgater Grill Combo – 1555 Back of the base
Blackstone Patio Oven – 1575 Front middle or Bottom shelf
Blackstone Dash – 1610 Right side on the stand
Blackstone Griddle & Charcoal Grill Combo – 1819 Upper left side or Bottom shelf
Culinary 30-inch Griddle with Hood – 1934 Bottom shelf
22-inch Griddle with Cart – 1940 Under the right side shelf


Note: Do not include the CA initials at the beginning of the Air Fryer griddle number when registering your unit.

How Do I Register a Blackstone Griddle I Received as a Gift?

According to the Blackstone warranty agreement, you need a purchase receipt to activate your full griddle warranty.

You can request whoever gifted you the Blackstone griddle the receipt to allow easy activation of the warranty. If they are uncomfortable giving you the receipt, you can ask them to provide it directly to the Blackstone warranty team alongside your contact details and griddle information.

Alternatively, you can provide the gift receipt to receive a partial warranty. A gift receipt is a picture of a document with the griddle’s serial number, the date you received it, and the word ‘gift’.

A partial warranty allows you to get the manufacturer’s assistance on minor issues to ensure that your flat-top grill runs smoothly.

Is a Warranty Important?

Yes, a warranty is fundamental to you as a consumer or buyer of a product. It confers certain rights on you.

Here are three key reasons why a warranty is important:

Cushions against Technology Failure

Any technology is prone to fail. Sometimes this may happen during your lowest financial seasons.

If a part of your griddle gets damaged or suddenly fails, it could be costly to repair.

With a warranty, you will don’t have to pay for repairing any of these damages or failures. Blackstone Company will be obliged to step in and repair for you your griddle.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a warranty, you will have no option but to foot all the bills for the repairs.

It Acts as Insurance

With a warranty, your grill has insurance against damages. You can use the money you were to use for repairs to do other things.

Failure to get a warranty for your product may cost you more than the cost of the warranty itself. As such, a warranty acts as excellent insurance.

It Gives You Peace of Mind

Having a warranty gives you peace of mind. It assures you that the manufacturer will handle any challenge that may arise rapidly.

All you need to do is make the issue known to the manufacturer, and rest in peace knowing that they shall resolve it.

It Specifies the Condition of the Manufacturer

Most warranties will tell you what the manufacturer can or cannot do.

For example, some will tell you whether or not the manufacturer can replace your item. In most cases, the companies that don’t repair or replace will offer you a full refund.

Warranties also contain contacts for those who the customer can contact if they require assistance.

This information is crucial for a customer, especially those who purchase expensive products such as a griddle.

It Portrays the Confidence of the Vendor

Any vendor who provides a warranty for their product shows that they are confident with their product. It’s a sign that the vendor believes in the quality and the functionality of the product.

This confidence flows down to the customer and encourages them to buy the product. It helps to create a good relationship between the customer and the vendor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Blackstone warranty?

Blackstone warranty lasts for one year. It covers the repair and, or the replacement of your griddle within the warranty period. However, you must ensure that you don’t breach any part of the warranty.

How do I return Blackstone products?

To initiate a return of your grill, you will need to contact the customer care department via their contact, which is 435-252-3030 Ext. 1. You can only do this from Monday to Friday during working hours, which is between 7 AM to 5 PM MST. The customer care department will provide you with a Return Merchandise Authorization number plus return instructions.

Wrapping it Up

A griddle is an essential and expensive product. Having a warranty for it gives you peace of mind that in case of any issue, Blackstone will solve it.

Blackstone griddles come with a one-year warranty, which is a sign that they are confident about the quality of their grills. It also gives you as a customer the confidence to buy their products.

Remember to take care of your receipt and avoid anything that may breach the warranty.