Blackstone Griddles vs. Members Mark

Making food at home is becoming easier by day, thanks to the wide variety of advanced cooking appliances like griddles. The Blackstone griddles and the Member’s Mark are one of the best brands you can buy.

Blackstone has dominated the market for a long time. However, Member’s Mark has also come with some stunning features that enable it to compete favorably with the top brands.

I did my research to compare these two brands, and here is what I came up with.

Blackstone vs. Member’s Mark

Both Blackstone and Member’s Mark have many common features. They have wide cooking surfaces that can be used to cook food for a large family. They also have four burners each, which are adjustable and independent. Again, these two grills are made of highly durable materials.

Comparison of Main Features

The Blackstone griddle and Member’s Mark have several features in common. They, however, differ in a few areas.

I would like to take you through the comparison of these two grills to give you a clear picture of what to expect from each of them. I will provide you with both the similarities and the differences where applicable.

Grease Tray

Each of these two grills comes with a grease tray.

The Member’s Mark features a built-in grease removal system plus a disposable tray.

On the other hand, Blackstone comes with a built-in grease channel. The channel helps drain excess oil away and keep it from your food.

However, the front-loaded grease tray may leak at times as you are cooking for Blackstone. It’s important you pay special attention to it when cleaning.


I believe weight is another factor you might want to know about.

In comparison, Member’s Mark griddle is slightly lighter than the Blackstone. It weighs only 29.5 pounds, and thus it’s easy to carry along anywhere during your excursions.

Do you love going to the beach or camping and hiking? Member’s Mark will be easy to move with for an exceptional outdoor cooking experience.

On the other hand, Blackstone weighs 32 pounds. This is slightly heavier, although you can still carry it on your outdoor excursions.

Heating System

The heating technology is essential in any grill.

You wouldn’t want to use a griddle whose heating surface gets hot unevenly or takes too long to heat up.

These two products have excellent heating technology. They offer you adjustable heat systems, and they take minimal time to heat up.

What’s more, they both feature independent burners. With these burners, you can control each separately, adjusting the temperature of each cooking area individually.

Thanks to the independently controlled burners, you can easily dedicate different heating zones for other foods.

The four burners also make cooking in a 2-zone cooking space relatively easy. I can cook steak on one side at a high temperature and saute some vegetables on low heat on the other side.

This feature is also helpful, especially when you want to warm your food. The two griddles lack warming racks. However, you can simply lower the heat on one side and use it to warm your food.

Although both griddles have automatic ignition, my favorite here is the Blackstone griddle. It’s much easier to use.

Cooking Surface

The Blackstone griddle and Member’s Mark feature large cooking surfaces.

Are you planning to prepare food for a large family? With any of these products, you are adequately sorted.

Say goodbye to those days of serving food lukewarm because you had to cook in batches. These two grills will allow you to cook all your food at once.

Each of these grills has a cooking surface of 720 square inches. Such a surface is large enough to make chicken, steaks, plus any other food of your choice.

However, the cooking surfaces are made of different materials.

The cooking surface of the Blackstone griddle is of hot-rolled steel. This material can withstand high temperatures and is highly durable. Moreover, it’s good for distributing heat evenly.

The Member’s Mark griddle cooking surface is of heavy-duty steel. The material is great for cooking and retaining heat; however, it does not heat that fast.

My preference in this category, therefore, is the Blackstone griddle. I find the hot-rolled steel more convenient for my needs.


Nobody wants to invest his or her money in something that won’t last long.

The construction of a grill is thus an important feature to consider when planning to buy one. A solid build should be the bare minimum here. With such, you can be assured of using your griddle for many years.

The good news. However, is that these two products are outstanding and durable. They can last for a long time if you are careful to protect them.

That said, if you are looking for a griddle that you can use throughout your entire lifetime, Blackstone carries the day here.

Blackstone griddle is made of highly durable high-grade steel. As such, it’s a product that won’t collapse under load, thanks to the heavy steel.

Not just that, the black powder coating on the Blackstone makes it impossible to wear out. It also makes it weatherproof.


Price is another factor that influences your buying.

Of the two products, you will have to dig deeper in your pocket for a Blackstone griddle. It is pretty expensive.

However, Member’s Mark is relatively affordable and economical. If you are planning for an average budget, go for Member’s Mark.

Cooking Using the Griddles

Blackstone was the first grill I used in cooking. I couldn’t resist buying it since it’s such a trusted brand. Later, however, I also tried Member’s Mark and found it also great.

I love that both are versatile and that I can cook anything on them. I can cook any food, from those that require low heat to those that need high heat, by controlling the knobs.

Both grills also have side shelves that help prepare other ingredients even as you continue cooking. You can also hang the tools you are using for cooking on the side shelves too for easy accessibility.

Other Minor Features

Apart from the main features I have compared above, both griddles also feature some other minor features.

I love the Member’s Mark here because it comes with handy accessories and features. For example, the handle of the shelves can act as an appropriate place for hanging your spatulas and tongs.

Again, Member’s Mark comes with a custom cover. After finishing your cooking, you only need to cover your griddle and leave it outside instead of storing it.

Blackstone does not have a cover. However, you can fold the legs after cooking, making it easy to store the grill in a small area.

Setting up the Grills

Setting up these two griddles is relatively easy. You will still need to pay attention to some specific areas to ensure they function correctly.

For the Blackstone griddle, you will need to attach some parts after the grill is delivered.

The cooking surface is removable; you will not need to do anything to it. On the other hand, you should check the side shelves to see if they are firmly screwed.

At times, many products have loose screws during delivery. It’s thus essential that you check and tighten it before you begin using it.

For the Blackstone’s legs, all you need to do is to unfold them. Once you have unfolded the legs and set up the cooking surface, your grill is ready for use.

The good thing with Blackstone is that none of these procedures will require any tool. The screws on the side shelves are thumbscrews that will only need your hands.

For the Member’s Mark, just ensure that all its parts are correctly attached. Most importantly, check the side shelves to ensure the attachment is okay.

After the assembling, find an excellent place to position your griddles. Keep them away from flammable objects since they get too hot.

Comparing Blackstone 36 inch and Member’s Mark 36 inch.

Model Member’s Mark 36 inch Blackstone 36 inch
BTUs 60,000 60,000
Dimensions 70 x 48 x 22 inches 40 x 25 x 14.5 in
Weight 110 pounds 120 pounds
Number of burners 4 4
Cooking surface area 720 sq in 720 sq in
Portable Yes Yes
Material Heavy-duty steel Hot-rolled steel
Price Check the latest price Check the latest price


The Blackstone Griddle 36 inch

I love the Blackstone 36″ Gas Griddle because it’s the best even-cooking griddle I have come across. It features four independent burners whose temperatures range from low to high. As such, it’s so easy to cook a variety of foods for a large family.

I also love that it comes with two side tables that I can use during food preparation. You will also find another table below the controls; I usually use this for storage.

This Blackstone griddle offers you 720 square inches of cooking surface made of rolled steel. This surface is large enough for preparing food for the whole family. I also love it because it’s rust-resistant and easy to clean up.

With this grill, I can cook 16 steaks, 28 burgers, or even 72 hot dogs simultaneously.


  • Easy to clean
  • It has four solid wheels for mobility
  •  Large cooking surface
  • Its frame is made of steel; hence durable
  • Extendable side trays and a shelf are a helpful addition


  • Quite chunky to move around due to its large surface
  • It could be more aesthetically pleasing

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The Member’s Mark 36 inches

If you are looking for a grill for preparing neighborhood barbecues, Member’s Mark is a real deal. With a cooking surface of 720 sq., this grill can accommodate more than 30 burgers at once.

It comes with side shelves with integrated towel bars to ensure your rags are within reach. You can also hang up your utensils on their built-in hooks. This ensures your hands are much free when you are doing your cooking.

For your larger items, this grill features a lower shelf where you can store your items conveniently. Moreover, its custom cover protects the surface from dirt, rain, or other debris.

I am naturally an outdoor person who loves camping and hiking. I find Member’s Mark highly convenient to carry along with me. This is thanks to its low weight of only 29.5 pounds.


  •  Large cooking surface
  • Two side shelves and one larger lower shelf
  • A built-in grease removal system plus a disposable tray
  • Highly durable
  • Light in weight


  •  Heavy-duty steel material doesn’t heat up so fast
  • Some customers complain that the cover fades fast

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Blackstone a good product?

Yes, Blackstone is a good product. If you are looking for a big grill, this is your excellent choice. It’s versatile, durable, and of high quality. It also distributes heat evenly and allows you to control the temperature.

What is the hype with Blackstone?

Blackstone griddle offers many benefits to its users. The greatest is the large cook cooktop that allows you to cook multiple foods simultaneously.

The other significant benefit is the adjustable heat from the four burners. These allow you to create independently controlled cooking zones.

Are flat-top grills worth it?

Yes, flat-top grills are worth it. They allow you to cook various foods than you would cook using the traditional grill. The solid cooking surface also keeps your food from falling into the flames. The flat surface also holds the cooking oil or grease, so your food doesn’t dry up.

Who manufactures Member’s Mark?

Sam’s Club is the manufacturer of the Member’s Mark. This grill provides customers with affordable but high-quality products.

Wrapping it up

Home grilling has continued to become popular each day. People want to recreate their best restaurant meals at home.

If you consider the importance of producing the best, there’s a need to look into the specific features carefully.

Both Member’s Mark and Blackstone griddles have outstanding features. They offer you versatility, durability, and wide cooking areas. However, let your personal preferences guide you in choosing the most appropriate for you.