How Hot Does a Blackstone Griddle Get?

Have you ever tested your Blackstone griddle? Griddles get extremely hot in a few minutes when set on high. From my research, the temperatures of a hot Blackstone griddle can rise over 600 and even 700 degrees Fahrenheit.

That is why you should have an infrared or LED food thermometer to continually monitor the temperatures of your griddle as you cook to prevent overcooking, undercooking, or burning the food.

How Hot Does a Blackstone Griddle Get

Blackstone griddles can reach 500 to 640 degrees Fahrenheit when put on high in about 8 to 9 minutes from a cold start. The temperatures vary depending on the model used and the surrounding weather conditions.

Understanding Your Blackstone Griddle Heat Zones

Every gas-powered griddle, irrespective of size or model, has heat zones. Heat zones are the specific areas on a griddle surface where more heat concentrates (heat is at its highest).

The areas of the cooking surface that are directly above the gas tubing that emit flames are hotter, while those around the corners and edges are cooler.

Now, how will you know where your grill’s heat zones are? Well, there are a couple of ways to do that:

The first option is observation. When cooking, look out for areas where food cooks faster and more consistently than others. Those are your heat zones.

If you are a new griddle user, you may not get it right on the first cook, which is fine. But with consistency and keen observation, you will accurately identify the heat zones after a few cooks.

The second option to find your griddle’s heat zones is by using an infrared food thermometer. Point the thermometer at all areas of the cooktop, one at a time, and note the temperature variations.

The spots with more heat concentrations are your heat zones. This method is the easiest, quickest, and most accurate.

Identifying the hotter and colder areas on your cooktop allows you to cook more efficiently. For instance, searing meat, sautéing vegetables, and thickening sauces are effective when done at high temperatures.

On the other hand, making eggs or browning burger buns require less heat.

How Long Does a Blackstone Griddle Take to Heat Up?

Knowing how hot your flat-top grill gets is good. But do you know how long it takes to attain that temperature?

A propane-powered Blackstone griddle takes 8 to 9 minutes to reach its maximum temperature from an off position.

Knowing how long a griddle takes to heat up is important, especially when making the main meal and side dishes simultaneously. You can sauté vegetables in the middle of the grill where it is hottest and then transfer them to the cooler edge as you continue grilling meat.

It also lets you know when your food is ready to prevent undercooking or burning.

If the temperature goes too high or low, you can use the knobs on the front of the grill to adjust it.

Several factors determine how quickly a griddle heats up. For instance, if you are cooking outside and the weather is too cold or windy, your griddle will take longer than average to heat up.

The flat-top grill will use more propane to heat up when grilling outside during chilly winter. It will also cook slower and longer than usual.

Another factor is the size of your cooking surface. A bigger cooktop will take longer to heat up than a smaller one.

How Hot Does the 17-inch Blackstone Griddle Get?

A 17-inch Adventure-Ready Blackstone Griddle takes 8 minutes to reach its maximum temperature of 640 degrees Fahrenheit (337 degrees Celsius).

How Hot Does the 28-inch Blackstone Griddle Get?

The 28-inch flat-top grill reaches 635 degrees Fahrenheit in 8.5 minutes.

How Hot Does the 36-inch Blackstone Griddle Get?

The 36-inch Blackstone grill is the largest and takes more time to heat up than its counterparts. The grill takes an average of 9 minutes when set on high to reach 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Does Wind Affect a Blackstone Temperature?

High wind can extinguish the flames of your griddle or cause the burner to blow out. As a result, it becomes impossible to finish cooking and can lead to fuel wastage.

If you must use your grill in a windy environment, consider purchasing wind guards to shield your burners and flames. You can also use a cover or lid as a wind block on the griddle surface.

The cover helps maintain the temperature on the cooktop, ensuring that your cooking does not slow down or stop because of wind.

The windiest part of the day is mostly late morning through the afternoon. You can hold off grilling on your Blackstone until the evening when the wind subsides.

Can You Overheat a Blackstone Griddle?

A Blackstone griddle can survive extreme temperatures but are not immune to damages when misused.

Blackstone griddles cook effectively on high heat. However, it is recommendable not to preheat the griddle for too long, especially when grilling chilled or frozen food.

When the grill gets too hot and then comes into contact with frozen or chilled food, the extreme temperature differences can cause warping of the cooktop.

A griddle takes 8 to 9 minutes to get hot. Therefore, do not sit back and kick your heels up for 15 minutes, waiting for the griddle to get hot.

How Can You Get Your Blackstone Griddle Hotter?

The ideal way to get your grill hotter is by cooking when it’s warm or hot outside and there is low wind.

Griddles take longer to heat up and from a much lower temperature in the winter. The snowy temperatures make it difficult for the griddle to reach its peak. Therefore, it is recommendable to grill on hot, wind-free days.

If cooking is inevitable on a windy, cold day, place the griddle in a cooler area. However, do not take your grill to the living room to avoid harsh weather. Griddles are best-used outdoors for personal safety.

If you decide to modify your griddle to make it hotter, the warranty becomes void. Therefore, ensure that you take good care of your griddle and use it under favorable conditions. This way, you will not need to modify anything to increase its temperatures.

Why is My Blackstone Griddle Too Hot on Low?

If your flat-top grill gets too hot on low, consider turning off one or more burners. Also, transfer the food you are cooking to the cooler areas to prevent burning.

Frequently Asked Questions

How hot does the Blackstone get?

A 28-inch Blackstone griddle takes 8.5 minutes to reach its maximum temperature of 635 degrees Fahrenheit from a cold start. The Adventure-Ready 17-inch model takes 8 minutes to get to 640 degrees Fahrenheit, its maximum temperature.

All Blackstone griddles take about 8 to 9 minutes to get hot.

How hot does a 22 inch Blackstone griddle get?

The 22-inch griddle has a maximum temperature of 640 degrees Fahrenheit. It has the same heating power as the 17-inch model, but it takes an extra 20 to 30 30 seconds to heat up fully.

What temperature is high on the Blackstone griddle?

According to Blackstone, the maximum temperature their griddles should reach is 560 degrees Fahrenheit. However, most griddles get to 640 degrees Fahrenheit in a real-life testing environment, while others go beyond 700 degrees, especially when cooking with a closed top.

How hot does a flat top grill get?

A flat-top grill can handle temperatures as high as 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Although some electric models can go up to 900 degrees, you risk damaging the tool.

Wrapping Up

Blackstone griddles can reach and maintain maximum temperatures between 500 and 640 degrees Fahrenheit within 8 to 9 minutes. These temperatures are far beyond the required to cook most foods.

Knowing your griddle’s heat zones gives you the best griddling experience. You can tell which foods to cook on every part of the griddle surface without burning, undercooking, or overcooking them.

An infrared food thermometer comes in handy in monitoring the temperatures on your cooktop. And the dials on the front side of the griddle help regulate the temperatures.