How to Cook Frozen Burgers on a Blackstone Griddle

How to Cook Frozen Burgers on a Blackstone Griddle

Sometimes, I forget or don’t have the time to thaw my burger patties. However, after research, I have found an excellent way to cook frozen burgers on a Blackstone griddle.

It takes just a few minutes to cook delicious burgers on a Griddle.

Ensure that you have all your desired ingredients ready. Moreover, you will need to use the correct temperatures for the best results.

How to Cook Frozen Burgers on a Blackstone Griddle

  • Fire up the griddle on high heat for about five minutes and then reduce the heat to medium-high
  • Season the griddle plate with a light layer of cooking oil
  • Place the frozen burger patties on the griddle
  • Sprinkle your preferred seasoning on the patties
  • Give your patties at least three minutes to cook on one side before flipping them over to the other side.
  • Keep flipping over the patties every few minutes for around 25 minutes to ensure they cook thoroughly on both sides.
  • When they are ready, add cheese and allow for proper melting
  • Turn off the heat and remove your patties from the griddle plate with a spatula

Tools and Ingredients Required

  • Your griddle
  • A flat metal spatula – do not use a plastic spatula as the hot griddle surface will melt it.
  • Frozen burger patties (your preferred brand and quantity)
  • Your preferred seasoning (such as garlic, salt, pepper)
  • Your desired condiments (mayonnaise, ketchup, pickles, mustard)
  • Buns, cheese, onion rings (optional)

How to Cook Burgers on a Stovetop Griddle

Preheat Your Griddle

Put your griddle on high heat for about five minutes. Then, lower the heat to medium-high.

Season Your Griddle

Pour a little cooking oil on the griddle plate and rub it evenly on the cooking area to form a thin layer. Give the oil a few seconds to heat up.

Place the Burger Patties on the Griddle

When the oil splits lightly, place your patties firmly on the hot cooktop. Ensure that there is a space of a few inches between the burgers.

If you want a thin smashed burger, lightly press your patties down against the cooking surface with a metal spatula. But if you wish to have thick and juicy burgers, leave the burger patties untouched after placing them on the Griddle.

Season the Burger Patties

Sprinkle your desired amount and type of seasoning on the top side of the patties. You can add seasoning on the other side after flipping over the patties.

Give the Burger Patties Enough Time to Cook

For beef burgers, cook each side for three minutes and flip over to the other side. The cooked side should have a nice golden brown color and be slightly charred.

For turkey burgers, cook each side for five minutes before flipping over.

Keep adjusting the temperatures of your stovetop to prevent burnt patties on the outside but raw on the inside.

Frozen burgers need a lot of time to cook thoroughly. Therefore, continue flipping them over for about 25 minutes to ensure that they cook evenly on both sides.

Place Cheese on Each Burger Patty

If you want to add cheese to your patties, do so after they are well-cooked. Place a piece of cheese on top of each patty and allow it some seconds to melt.

Using the spatula, remove the patties from the Blackstone Griddle and set them apart.

Add Your Desired Accompaniments and Condiments

You can eat the burger patties with cheese alone or add them to your bun alongside other condiments.

You can add salads, dressings, pickles, onions, fried egg, BBQ sauce, hot sauce, ketchup, and mayonnaise.

Benefits of Cooking Frozen Burgers on a Blackstone Griddle

A Blackstone Griddle Offers a Large Cooktop

The vast space on the griddle plate means that you can cook multiple foods. For instance, when preparing burgers, you can toast your buns and cook eggs or onions on one side of the Griddle while the patties cook on the other side.

Doing so saves a lot of time, especially when preparing burgers for many people. You also minimize the number of cooking utensils used.

Cooking burger patties on a Griddle is ideal for getting a variety of flavors from both the burger patties and the cooking surface.

Easy to Clean

A Griddle surface is easy to clean. It rarely needs a thorough scrubbing.

After cooking, allow the Griddle to cool down. Then, scrape the cooktop with a spatula to remove any food residues and wipe it down with a paper towel.

If the Griddle has stuck-on food, pour warm or hot water on its surface and wash gently with a Blackstone scouring pad. Rinse and then wipe it off with a paper towel. There is no need to use soap.

It Allows Well-Rounded, Even Cooking

Most burger chefs love Blackstone griddles because their smooth, flat cooking surfaces accumulate a lot of heat. As a result, the burgers cook evenly on both sides and get a uniform sear.


The versatility of Blackstone griddles makes them attractive to burger lovers. You can use your Griddle on a stovetop, oven, or over an open campfire.

You can also use it to prepare all your burger accompaniments, such as melting the cheese and browning the buns.

Burgers Cooked on a Griddle Taste Better

There is a huge taste difference between griddled burgers and those prepared on a flat grill or pan.

A Griddle, especially the one with an angled grease slope, allows excess fat from the putty to drain off. As a result, your cooked burger is less greasy, healthier, and tastes better even without other toppings.

It is not advisable to cook any form of meat in its fat. Too much fat takes away the meat juices that give burger patties their taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you Cook Frozen Burgers on a Blackstone?

Yes, you can cook frozen burgers on a Blackstone. However, you should defrost it so that it can cook fast and evenly.

What Temperature Do You Cook Frozen Burgers on a Griddle?

The ideal temperature to cook frozen burgers on an oven Griddle is 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Preheat the oven and bake for 20 minutes.

Most electric Griddles have one heat setting of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is still appropriate to bake burgers without burning them.

Ensure that your burger patties attain an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit to be safe to eat.

How Do You Cook Frozen Burgers on the Grill?

Cooking frozen burger patties on a grill is similar to cooking on a Blackstone griddle.

  • Remove the frozen burgers patties out of the freezer
  • Season the burgers and set them aside
  • Light up the grill to high heat
  • Place the seasoned patties on the hot grill
  • Allow them to cook for three to five minutes on one side and then flip to the other side.
  • Continue cooking the burgers for 20 minutes, and keep flipping them to allow even cooking and prevent burning.
  • Serve with your desired sauces and accompaniments.

How Long Do You Cook Burgers on a Blackstone Griddle?

After placing your burgers on a preheated griddle, cook for three to five minutes on one side, flip and cook for three minutes on the other side.

Wrapping Up

Cooking frozen burgers on a Blackstone Griddle is fast and easy. The key factor to consider in this process is the amount of heat you use.

Frozen burgers take longer to cook than fresh ones; thus, you will need to preheat your Griddle first on high heat before adding the patties.

The most significant advantage of using a Blackstone griddle is that you can use it indoors and outdoors. You can use it on a stovetop, in an oven, and over a campfire.