Do You Have to Season a Blackstone Griddle?

You have purchased a new Blackstone Griddle and can’t wait to fire it up and prepare a fantastic meal. Well, not so fast!

Are Blackstone griddles pre-seasoned right from the box? Is there a need to season them before use?

You need to answer these essential questions before using any new Blackstone griddle.

Do You Have to Season a Blackstone Griddle?

Yes. A new Blackstone Griddle needs thorough seasoning before cooking anything on it. Seasoning creates a non-stick coat on your Griddle’s cooking surface. It also protects it from rust, flakes, and chips, thus prolonging its lifespan.

How to Season a New Blackstone Griddle

  • Wash the Blackstone Griddle
  • Select an oil to coat your Griddle surface
  • Turn on the burners to the maximum heat for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Apply a thin layer of oil on the cooktop
  • Apply some oil to the sides, edges, and corners of the Griddle
  • Let the oil smoke
  • Then turn off the Griddle and allow it to cool down
  • Repeat the coating and heating process two to three times
  • Rub some oil on the cooking surface to finish up the seasoning process

Here is all you need to know about seasoning a Blackstone griddle.

What is Seasoning?

Seasoning is simply heating an oil past its smoke point. The oil breaks down in high heat, and its fatty acids oxidize, binding together to form a new layer of molecules on the Griddle. This process is known as polymerization.

Why is Seasoning Important?

  • Seasoning creates a protective coat/ layer on the griddle surface, which acts as a barrier against environmental factors such as water and humidity. The coating prevents rusting and protects the metal surface from damage.
  • A properly-seasoned Griddle is similar to a non-stick surface. The more you cook on a seasoned Griddle with good oils and fats, the better the non-stick layer becomes. It also builds up a flavored finish that enhances your cooking experience.
  • A seasoned Griddle is more durable and so easy to clean.

Does a Blackstone Griddle Come Pre-Seasoned?

You cannot find a new Blackstone griddle that is pre-seasoned. It is highly recommended that you season your new Griddle before cooking on it. This process results in a flawless non-stick finish and a good cooking experience.

Step-by-Step Griddle Seasoning Process

What You Will Need

  • Mild soap and warm water
  • Lint-free paper towels
  • Tongs
  • Heat-resistant gloves
  • Blackstone seasoning and conditioner or any other oil of your choice

Wash the Blackstone Griddle

It is advisable to use a mild soap or dish soap to clean a brand-new Griddle for the first time. Soap helps remove the oils used to pre-season the Griddle to prevent rust and damages during shipping. It also removes dust particles that may have accumulated during storage and shipping.

Fill up a two-liter bucket with warm water. Add your liquid soap and stir gently to make an even solution.

Pour a small amount of soapy water at a time over the Griddle. Rub it across the griddle surface with a paper towel. Rinse off with clean water and dry the surface with a clean paper towel.

Note: Do not use soap if you are seasoning a used or old griddle. Soap will strip off the layers of oil and fat, kill the seasoning, and probably permanently damage the griddle plate coating.

It would be best if you only used soap on a new Griddle or when you are entirely re-seasoning your plate due to rust or damage.

Select Your Preferred Oil

Choosing an oil rich in fatty acids is preferable to season your Blackstone Griddle. Such oils form an excellent bond with the griddle plate. They include:

  • Blackstone Griddle seasoning and conditioner (recommended)
  • Lard
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Flax oil
  • Canola oil
  • Vegetable oil
  • Vegetable shortening oil
  • Coconut oil

Note: Avoid oils that have trans-fatty acids because they expose you to health conditions such as liver dysfunction, coronary artery disease, and unwanted weight gain.

Turn on the Burners

Turn the burners to the highest heat setting for 10 to 15 minutes. When the Griddle’s cooktop turns brown, it is ready for the next step.


  • Before starting the seasoning, ensure that you have enough propane/ gas to carry you through the entire process.
  • After cleaning, ensure that your Griddle dries entirely before turning on the heat.
  • If your Griddle has specific temperature settings, turn it on to 350 °F (177 °C).
  • Wear heat-resistant gloves to prevent burning your hands.

Apply a Thin Layer of Oil on the Cooktop

Sprinkle a light layer of your preferred oil on the Griddle. Spread it across the entire surface using a paper towel.

Hold the paper towel with a pair of tongs to avoid contacting the hot griddle surface directly with your hands. Ensure that the oil forms a thin and even layer without leaving any dry spot.

Thick seasoning is not durable as it cracks after a short time.

Rub Some Oil on the Sides, Edges, and Corners

You can use the same paper towel you used on the cooktop to wipe the remaining parts of the Griddle. Ensure that all the oil covers all the edges, corners, and sidewalls.

Let the Oil Smoke

After rubbing oil on the Griddle, leave it on high heat for 15 to 30 minutes. With time, the griddle plate turns black, and smoke begins to fill the air. Let the Griddle continue burning until all the smoke disappears.

The burning/ smoking process creates a bond between the metal surface and the oil.

Turn Your Griddle Off

Once all the smoke has disappeared, it is time to off your Griddle and let it cool. And there you have it! You have completed the first round of seasoning.

Let the Blackstone rest for about 10 minutes to cool down completely. Hold your hand one inch over the cooktop to check if the Griddle is still hot.

Repeat the Coating and Heating Process

One layer of seasoning may not be enough for a new Blackstone Griddle. Repeat the process two to three times until you achieve the correct level of seasoning.

Place the Griddle on maximum heat, spread an even coat of oil, and let it burn to a smoking point. You can mix up the oils to create a coating with different flavors.

For instance, you can use the Blackstone Griddle seasoning oil for the first and second rounds and top it off with extra virgin olive oil for the third round.

A well-seasoned Griddle has a perfect dark brown color. Thin layers of multiple oil coating create a solid and durable seasoning.

Wet the Griddle Surface with Some Oil

After finishing the seasoning process, allow the Griddle to cool down. Dub a little oil on a paper towel and lightly wipe the entire surface to prevent rust.

That is it! Your Blackstone Griddle is now ready for use or storage.

How to Season an Old Blackstone Griddle After Use

After the initial seasoning of your new Griddle, you will not need to repeat that process for a long time. Each time you cook on your Blackstone, you add a new layer of seasoning, which, if well maintained, can last a lifetime.

The process of seasoning a Blackstone Griddle is fast and straightforward. Follow the steps below:

Clean the Griddle

  • After cooking, let the Griddle cool down. Washing a hot Griddle can burn your hands.
  • Gently scrape off any food residues left on the cooktop with a griddle or metal spatula/ scrapper.
  • Wipe the cooktop surface with a paper towel. You can also use a lint-free kitchen cloth.
  • If your Griddle plate has some stubborn food residues, pour some hot water on it to knock them off. You can also use a little table salt to remove the stuck food.
  • Rub gently with a Blackstone scouring pad. Do not use soap
  • Rinse and wipe the surface clean with a paper towel.

Apply a Light Layer of Oil

Before applying oil to your Griddle, ensure that the surface is dry.

Sprinkle your preferred oil on the griddle surface and spread it evenly with a paper towel. Ensure that it covers every part, including the cooktop, edges, sides, and corners.

The oil forms a protective layer that strengthens seasoning and prevents rusting. It also gives the cooktop a shiny and durable non-stick finish.

How to Maintain Seasoning on a Blackstone Griddle

Do Not Use Soap or Any Other Cleaning Product

If you have already cooked on your Blackstone Griddle, do not use soap, cleaners, or detergents to clean it. These chemicals will ruin your seasoning and can cause corrosion on the griddle surface.

Cleaners are also likely to leave a bad taste on the cooktop, compromising the flavor of your next meal. Therefore, it is best to use hot/ warm water and paper towels or a Blackstone scouring pad.

Avoid Using Abrasive Scrubbers

Abrasive scrubbers will scratch up the Griddle plate, exposing it to rust and corrosion. It would be best if you only used abrasive scrubbers to remove rust. But for routine cleaning, use a Blackstone scouring pad or paper towel and water.

Always Preheat and Season Your Griddle with Oil Before Cooking

Adding oil on a preheated Griddle allows it to bond well with the metal plate, thus maintaining the seasoning and improving flavor.

You add a new layer of oil every time you cook, creating a non-stick surface that gets better with time.

Store Your Seasoned Blackstone Griddle Correctly

Store your Blackstone in a cool, dry place and put a heavy-duty cover over it. Doing so protects it from rust, weather damage, dust, and scratches.

When You Spot Rust, Remove it Immediately

When rust is left unattended, it gets worse with time. Always inspect your Griddle plate for any rust formation and if you find any, deal with it immediately.

You can use low-grit sandpaper (40 to 60 grit) or steel wool to scrub off the rust. Apply firm pressure on the rusted spot and scrub until it smoothens.

Coat Your Griddle Plate with Oil After Cleaning

Applying a thin coat of oil on your cooktop helps to strengthen and maintain the seasoning layer and prevents rust build-up.

A Blackstone Griddle develops a blacker and more resistant non-stick surface over time with proper maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to season a Blackstone Griddle before you use it?

It is highly recommendable to season your Blackstone Griddle before using it. Seasoning creates a non-stick finish on the griddle plate, which enhances the flavor of your meals. It also forms a protective barrier against rust and weather damage.

How do you season a new Blackstone griddle?

Use warm water and follow all the steps outlined in this article to season your Blackstone griddle.

Can you cook on Blackstone right after seasoning?

Yes, you can cook on your Blackstone immediately after seasoning. When you finish cooking, let the Griddle cool down. Clean, re-season with a bit of oil, and store it in a cool, dry place.

Wrapping Up

A new Blackstone Griddle needs thorough cleaning and seasoning before the first use. Seasoning ensures your Blackstone griddle has a durable non-stick finish.

After every use, you also need to apply a light layer of oil to help maintain the seasoning and protect the surface from rust.

Most importantly, store your Blackstone Griddle in a cool, dry place and place a heavy-duty cover over it.