Are Blackstone Griddles Electric or Gas?

Blackstone has cultivated a culture of culinary excellence and greatness in its innovation over time. They kicked off the journey with their classic 36″ gas griddle.

However, they have since then grown in their product line and have come up with numerous other models. From the first gas griddle, Blackstone has evolved into more complex models, including electric and combo designs. Let me take you deeper into this.

Are Blackstone Griddles Electric or Gas?

Blackstone griddles can be either gas or electric. In some rare cases, you can have a combination of both, as is the case with the 17″ Griddle with Electric Air Fryer. The gas griddles are; however, tend to be bigger than the electric ones.

The two major models, gas and electric, differ in various ways. Below, I will look at four major areas where the difference is lucid.

The Heat

Gas Griddles

Gas griddles are excellent and far better than electric griddles in heat control. Moreover, they provide a steady heat that’s smoothly distributed.

Besides that, gas griddles heat faster than electric griddles. They hardly have hot/cold spots, and you need not worry about uneven cooking temperatures.

Gas griddles also heat up to 60,000 BTUs, especially the 36” Blackstone griddle. With this kind of temperature, your meat chops will cook to perfection, and you will not fear undercooked foods.

With gas griddles, you can adjust the burners according to your desired heat and create different cooking zones. That means you can cook different foods that require different temperatures simultaneously.

Electric Griddles

The first thing to note is that electric Blackstone griddles take time to heat up. This is because they use a resistor that regulates how much heat goes into the griddle.

The other thing is that when they finally heat up, the heat tends to be concentrated on the point just above the heat source. Consequently, you may have uneven cooking surfaces.

Whereas some areas will be scorching heat, others might be mildly hot.

Unlike gas griddles that heat up to 60,000 BTUs, most electric griddles only heat up to 20,000 BTUs. As such, it may take longer to cook some foods that require high heat.


The Food

Gas Griddles

The other variation between the two types of griddles is their cooking surface. Gas griddles have amazingly large cooking surfaces.

You can cook up to 28 burgers at once.

You don’t have to wait and cook food in portions or turns. You can comfortably cook food for the whole family and friends simultaneously.

It means there’s no waiting for each other; you will eat simultaneously! That’s one of the outside characteristics of a gas Blackstone griddle.

The food also cooks evenly, with juices contained together. Consequently, the juices soak into veggies and meat and give them a sweet flavor.

Cook any meal, from breakfast to lunch and dinner. All your bulk meals will cook to perfection.

Electric Griddles

An electric griddle is made to fit on a table. You will hardly get any that is larger than your countertop.

The reason is simple; a huge electric griddle will require a big resistor, which would, in turn, shoot up your electricity bills. Even worse, a huge resistor poses the danger of bursting into flames under high heat.

Electric griddles also have small cooking surfaces; they are meant for small meals. You can only cook a maximum of four pancakes and maybe a few eggs.

If you intend to cook for a large crowd, be prepared to go several rounds. In fact, by the time you finish cooking the last round, be prepared to warm the first meal that you cooked.


Gas Griddles

Thanks to their large cooking surface, gas griddles are more costly than electric griddles. Imagine the 17″ griddle that can cook up to 32 sausages at once or the 32” that can cook 28 sausages!

Getting an electric griddle with a similar cooking surface is almost impossible.

But don’t be discouraged by the cost; also consider gas usage.

Most gas griddles use propane gas from propane tanks that can last throughout summer. Moreover, refilling the propane tank at any gas refill center is easy.

Although the initial cost of the griddle may be relatively high, you will save a lot on propane gas.

Electric Griddles

With electric griddles, you will pay a cheaper price upfront. You can get one for as low as 30 bucks. However, these models will, in most cases, cook food unevenly.

But there’s more also, the electricity bill. If you are among those that live in areas with high-priced electricity, you will pay a huge price every end month.

The high electricity bills are also compounded by the fact that you will need to preheat your griddle.


In most cases, gas griddles can last a lifetime. If you take good care of them, your kids and grandchildren will use the same griddle you are using now. Sounds fantastic!

They feature cold-rolled steel that can withstand even scratches and dents. Moreover, the seasoning you do after every cooking creates a finish resistant to wear and tear.

You can go ahead and cut your meat on the gas griddle; it will comfortably withstand it.

On the other hand, electric griddles can hardly resist wear and tear. It will take only one little slip, and they are no more; they will crack and become unusable.

Moreover, don’t make the mistake of cutting anything on an electric griddle. One simple cut, and you destroy the Teflon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they make an electric Blackstone grill?

Yes, Blackstone makes electric griddles, which you can use indoors and outdoors. However, their cooking surface is usually smaller than that of gas griddles.

How is a Blackstone Grill powered?

Blackstone gas griddles use propane gas in propane tanks. You can conveniently refill the propane tanks at any refilling center.

How hot does an electric Blackstone griddle get?

Electric griddles heat up to a temperature of 640 degrees Fahrenheit on average. This is about 317 ̊C.

Which is better electric griddle or gas griddle?

Gas griddles heat up faster than electric griddles. However, electric ones are more suitable where gas isn’t available. Electric griddles are also cheaper but have a smaller cooking surface than their gas counterparts.

Wrapping up

Blackstone manufactures both gas and electric griddles. You can get either of them depending on your needs.

If you are looking for a smaller griddle that you can easily go out with, an electric griddle is the best option. However, if you are looking for one that you can use to serve your entire family and friends, go for the gas griddle.