Best Way to Cover Blackstone Griddle

After a pleasant barbeque season, a couple of cold months come knocking. How do you protect your griddle from the harsh weather elements and cause it to see the next season? One of the excellent ways is by covering it.

Whether you store your grill outdoors or indoors, I recommend covering it. An ideal griddle cover should be waterproof, sturdy, and durable. So, which is the best way to cover your Blackstone griddle?

Best Way to Cover Blackstone Griddle

The best way to cover a Blackstone grill is using a Blackstone griddle cover. The cover is heavy-duty, built to last through harsh and rough weather conditions without tearing. It is water-resistant, windproof, easy to put on and off, and easy to keep clean.

Should You Cover Your Blackstone Griddle?

Whether you leave your griddle outside or keep it in the garage, a cover is necessary. It helps to keep off rust, dust, and scratches, ensuring that your griddle is in its optimal working condition.

So, what can you use to cover your griddle?

You can use a Blackstone Griddle Cover, a DIY Cover, or a Griddle Lid to cover your grill. Let’s look at each of these below.

Blackstone Griddle Cover

Covers from Blackstone are worth your consideration.

Blackstone sells high-quality griddle covers designed for their specific models. The covers are durable and water-resistant, protecting the cold-rolled steel cooktop from condensation and harsh water elements.

For me, my griddle deserves the best protection from elements. Consequently, I had to get a cover that best works me.

The cover below worked excellently for me. Let me tell you more bout it.

Blackstone Polyester Heavy Duty Flat Top Grill Cover

This polyester cover gave my investiment superb protection against elements such as dust, snow, rain, sun, and grime.

You will also love this cover, thanks to its heavy-duty canvas that is durable and reliable.

Your griddle needs a cover that doesn’t crack, fade or wear out. That’s has been my experience with with the Blackstone polyester heavy duty cover.

Its  features a double-layered construction and a sturdy, reinforced stitching that prevents ripping and tearing.

When you think of covering your griddle, don’t forget teh base. It equally requires your attention.

This cover features a strong poly-resin buckles that will clip underneath your griddle base to secure it from strong wind.

But there’s more,

You can easily put it on and off, thanks to its buckles closure system.

With this cover, you can keep your griddle clean in the backyard until you need to use it again. It will protect it from fallen tree pollen and leaves, and dust.

You might be wondering about cleaning the cover, but there’s no need to worry about that at all.

I only wipe off dust and bird droppings with a damp cloth. That simpe procedure leaves my cover sparkling clean. Alternatively, I also sprinkle water with a hose to clean without fear of leakages.

Your griddle needs a cover that doesn’t soak in water, especially during the rain season.

This cover is water-resistant; therefore, water rolls off effortlessly in rains, leaving it dry and clean.

Note: Do not cover a hot griddle. High heat can cause the polyester material to melt.

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Blackstone Griddle Lid or Hood

Some Blackstone models have built-in hoods, while others feature hood attachment holes. As such, you can purchase a lid and attach it to your grill.

Blackstone offers a variety of high-quality, reliable lids. They mostly come in stainless steel, plastic, or aluminum materials.

A lid or hood protects your grill against harsh weather elements, dust, and rodents during storage.

However, a lid is not as effective as a griddle cover, especially when storing your grill outdoors. It could be better to use if you keep your grill indoors, in a garage or shed.

Wind-blown rain can penetrate the lid seams and get to the cold-rolled steel. If the leakage goes unnoticed for a while, your griddle plate will start rusting.

Blackstone Hard Top Lid

This lid prevents condensation buildup on your cooktop and protects your grill from rust and harsh elements.

It has a powder-coated finish which is easy to clean and maintain. You only need to wipe with a damp cloth, and it’s clean.

The lid has a sturdy and durable construction. It creates a protective barrier over your cooktop that will last for a long time.

It features a durable, heat-resistant, stainless steel handle. You can grab the handle bare-handed without the fear of burning your hands. The handle is dishwasher safe, resists stains and odors, and can withstand high heat.

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DIY Blackstone Griddle Cover

Are you a DIY enthusiast?

You can make a cover for your griddle at home in a few simple steps. The process is fun and will save you a few bucks.

The most common DIY covers include an improvised tarp and a shell-type cover made of wood and metal.

Improvised Tarp Griddle Cover

The essential factor to consider when using a tarp is the size. It should be medium-sized, not too big, not too small.

You will need a heavy-duty tarp with multiple layers of vinyl or polyester. Ensure that you fold in the side tables and close the hood to get accurate measurements of your griddle.

If your grill is hot, let it cool down completely, then drape the tarp evenly over the griddle plate. Finally, fasten the bungee cords or ratchet strap around the grill legs.

Building a Griddle Cover

The quality and type of materials you use are crucial in determining the success of your cover. The cover should be big enough to fit the cooktop with the hood on. It should also have enough weight to resist strong wind.

To make a 28-inch griddle cover, you can use an aluminum black diamond plate and two by fours of wood. Ensure that you smoothen the corners with a sander to avoid injuries from the sharp edges.

You can also use a stainless steel diamond plate and secure it to a lumber frame. Consider cutting your materials two inches longer than your griddle top to get an ideal fit.

Do not use just any screws. Choose a sturdy, high-quality type, such as the triple-coated construction lag screws.

Apply grade paint to the exposed wood frame and a waterproof caulk to the edges and corners.

Why Should You Cover Your Blackstone Griddle?

When storing your griddle between uses or long-term, ensure that you cover it well. An ideal griddle cover:

  • envelops the grill fully and zips it inside
  • has a UV-resistant material that is thick and waterproof
  • has straps and drawstrings to keep it in place
  • fits snugly on the griddle
  •  is easy to put on and take off
  • has air vents to allow ventilation and prevent the formation of moisture that can cause rust

Here is why you should cover your griddle:

To Protect It Against Rust

The Blackstone griddle has a cold-rolled steel flat top, which is iron plus carbon. When iron comes into contact with water and oxygen, it results in rust.

During storage, condensation is likely to occur, making your griddle rust. Also, if you store your grill outside, it gets exposed to water, a sure cause of rust.

Covering your grill with a durable, waterproof cover will protect it from weather elements and keep away rust for a long time.

To Keep Rodents and Pests Away

If you keep your grill outside for a long time, bugs, wasps, bees, and other insects can make a home on its inside. Having your grill covered will prevent insects from accessing it.

Your griddle will likely have a slight smell of food no matter how well you clean it. You may also miss some tiny crumbs, sauce drippings, or grease spillages. The smell of food will attract rats to your grill.

The only way to prevent such rodents from contaminating your cooking surface is by covering your grill during storage.

To Keep Your Griddle Clean

An uncovered grill will accumulate dust and grime over time. As a result, you will need to clean it thoroughly whenever you want to cook anything on it.

The best way to care for your griddle is to cover your grill when not in use. It will save you a lot of time and effort that you could have used cleaning the grime off.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I cover my Blackstone with?

A Blackstone griddle cover is the best accessory to cover your Blackstone with between uses or during storage. You can also use a griddle lid or a DIY grill cover.

Should you cover a Blackstone grill?

Yes, it is recommended to cover your Blackstone grill. Covering your grill when not in use helps protect the cooking surface from condensation, rain, and snow, which can cause rust. It also protects your cooktop from dust, pollen, and pests.

How do you cover your Blackstone?

An ideal cover should envelop the griddle and have strong fastening buckles attached to the wheels. It should be waterproof, durable, and able to withstand strong winds. This way, it will offer premium protection to the griddle top even when left outside.

Can you add a cover to a Blackstone griddle?

You can purchase a custom-made Blackstone cover for your grill’s model. You can also add a custom lid to your grill or make a DIY cover at home.

What to do if Blackstone gets rained on?

If your Blackstone gets rained on, dry it as soon as possible on high heat and season it. If it has already rusted, scrape off the rust, sand down the surface, and re-season it.

Wrapping Up

The best way to protect your grill from rust, rain, snow, dust, pests, tree pollen, and the scorching sun is to cover it. When you have an excellent griddle cover, you are not afraid to leave your grill outside, even in harsh weather.

Investing in a high-quality grill cover is a worthwhile investment. It will provide safety to your griddle all year round.