How to Store Blackstone Griddle

Blackstone griddles are built to last and withstand cold winters and hot summers. However, how you store your grill will either prolong or compromise its intended lifespan.

Blackstone griddles are made of cold-rolled steel, which is more corrosion resistant than most metals. Nonetheless, prolonged or repeated exposure to harsh elements like water and humidity results in rusting.

So, how do you correctly store your griddle during winter or in between cookouts?

How to Store Blackstone Griddle

Whether it’s a warm or cold grilling season, the best way to store your grill after use is in a cool, dry place. It is recommendable to store it indoors, in a garage or shed. Also, ensure that you cover it with a high-quality, waterproof Blackstone griddle cover to prevent rusting.

Preparing Your Griddle for Storage

After using my barbeque, I simply scrub off the food residues with a scrub brush, close the lid and store it away.

But I can’t do that with my Blackstone Griddle.

A Blackstone griddle should be spotless and well-seasoned before storage. Otherwise, the dirt will eat away at the grill’s surface and cause germ build-up.

Follow these steps to clean your griddle quickly:

  • Allow the grill to cool down
  • Scrape off food residues on the cooktop with a spatula or scraper
  • Wipe the surface with a paper towel
  •  If there is stuck-on food on the cooking surface, pour some warm water, and let it rest for some time.
  • Gently scrub with a griddle scouring pad.
  • Rinse off the water, dry the surface thoroughly with clean paper towels or a lint-free dishcloth
  • Apply a light coating of your preferred oil
  • Your griddle is now safe to store away!

Where Should I Store My Griddle?

You need to find an appropriate and suitable space for your griddle to chill when not in use.

The best place to store your Blackstone griddle is in a cool, dry space, preferably under some roof like a garage or garden shed.

This way, your griddle will be safe from rust catalysts such as rain and moisture. However, ensure that the storage does not get damp at all.

How often do you use your grill for cooking? This is a crucial consideration when deciding on where to store your griddle.

Are you a weekend outdoor cook, monthly guy, or seasonal griller? If you use your grill a lot, store it somewhere accessible. And if you only cook from time to time, it needs more intense care during storage.

But the key pointers are A cool, dry place!

Do Not Pile Stuff on Top of Your Blackstone Griddle

When you store your grill in the garage, it is easy to start piling stuff on top of it. Your griddle surface should not double up as a table or shelf when not in use.

Piling items on the griddle surface can:

  • Crack or damage the delicate griddle surface, causing uneven heating
  • Damage some griddle components
  •  Cause aesthetic damage

Consider getting a stainless griddle caddy to store griddle accessories like spatulas and condiments.

Cover Your Griddle

Not everyone has a garage or garden shed to store their griddle safely. Well, if you find yourself in such a state, consider investing in a heavy-duty, waterproof griddle cover.

The cover helps protect the griddle surface from rust, dust, scratches, and damage.

Blackstone offers a variety of high-quality griddle covers designed to fit snugly over their specific models. These covers are made of durable 600 denier water-resistance material, which protects the cold-rolled steel griddle top from moisture and other harsh components.

The larger griddle covers come with buckles in the corners to help fasten them down against the strong wind. They also feature a stylishly-printed Blackstone logo.

Note: Ensure that your griddle is fully cooled down before covering it to prevent melting the polyester material.

You can also find some good after-market generic griddle covers without paying the extra markup price for the brand name logo. However, ensure that the cover fits snugly on your specific griddle dimensions.

If your Blackstone has a built-in hood, it offers some sort of protection against harsh environmental elements. But, don’t be too comfortable with this feature and fail to take the necessary precautions.

In case of wind-blown rain, water can easily infiltrate the seams of the hood and land on the sensitive griddle top. If not acted upon promptly, the water starts to strip off sections of the seasoning layer. Then rust follows soon after.

DIY Blackstone Griddle Cover

Did you know that you can make your griddle cover in the comfort of your home? You can either use an improvised tarp as a cover or build a shell-type cover from metal and wood.

Using a Tarp as a Blackstone Griddle Cover

Size is the key factor to consider when using a tarp as a griddle cover. It should not be too small or too large.

Measure the dimensions of your grill with the hood closed and side tables folded in. Then, find a heavy-duty tarp made of multiple laminated layers of high-quality polyester or vinyl.

Allow your grill enough time to cool down, and then drape the tarp over the cooktop, ensuring it is even. Fasten the light-duty ratchet strap or bungee cords around the legs of your grill.

Building a Rigid Cover

The cover should be large enough to fit the griddle top plus hood and heavy enough to avoid getting blown away by the wind.

You can use a simple stainless steel diamond plate secured to a lumber frame (2 X 6-inch). It should cover the griddle top by at least two inches.

Apply a waterproof exterior caulk to the corners and cover the exposed lumber frame with grade paint. The griddle’s cart base or stand should be made from stainless steel with protective painting to resist harsh weather elements.

What is the Best Way to Store a Blackstone Griddle Over Winter?

When storing your griddle for a long time, it is susceptible to weather elements and rodents.

Mice, rats, and other rodents are attracted to the smell of food, fresh or rotten. They will smell specs of food left on the grill. For this reason, ensure that your grill is thoroughly clean before putting it away for winter.

Scrape off residues from the cooking surface, pour warm water, and scrub with a gentle scouring pad. Then dry it well and season with a light layer of oil before putting it away.

Wrap it well with a quality griddle cover and store it in the garage or shed.

Periodically wipe down your griddle. Even though your flat-top grill is covered or is in a garage/ shed, condensation can still occur on the surface, causing rust.

Check on your griddle often, more so when storing it for a long time, and wipe it down with a paper towel.

Why Do Blackstone Griddles Rust?

Did you know that rust =iron + water + oxygen?

Blackstone griddles are made of cold-rolled steel, which is iron + carbon. That means too much exposure to air and water will cause your griddle surface to dull and rust.

Therefore, if you live in a high humidity area, you need to be extra careful to protect your grill from rusting.

Is It Possible to Recover a Rusty Griddle?

If your grill is rusted, we’ve got a solution for you. The following tips will help you get rid of even heavy corrosion.

Tools Needed:

  • A metal scraper
  •  Heat-resistant gloves
  • Paper towels
  • Cooking oil
  • Grill stones

How to Remove the Rust:

  • Fire the griddle on high heat. This way, the rust will loosen and become easier to remove
  •  Wear the protective gloves
  • Scrape off the rust with the metal scraper
  • Allow the grill to cool down, and then wipe off the debris with a paper towel
  • Add 4 or 5 tablespoons of cooking oil to the griddle surface and scrub it down with a grill stone
  • Wipe the surface with paper towels. Add more oil and keep scrubbing until all the rust is gone.
  • Season the top with a protective coating of oil to prevent rusting
  • Store your griddle in a cool, dry place and put a waterproof cover over it

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you store a Blackstone griddle?

It is recommendable to store your Blackstone griddle in a cool, dry place away from water and humidity. Consider covering it with a high-quality, waterproof griddle cover for more protection.

Can you store the Blackstone griddle in the garage?

Yes, you can store your grill in the garage, provided there is enough room. Ensure that you set aside a specific space for your flat-top grill and avoid placing items on top of it.

Can a Blackstone griddle be left outside?

Yes, you can leave your grill outside. However, it would be best if you took all the necessary precautions to protect it from rust. Invest in a heavy-duty, waterproof griddle cover if you plan to leave it outside.

Wrapping Up

You have a lot of options for storing your Blackstone griddle. Keeping your grill covered in a cool, dry place away from moisture can keep it up and running for many years.

Remember to have it thoroughly cleaned and well-seasoned before storage. If you are storing your grill for a long time, it is good to check on it from time to time to ensure no condensation is forming.