How to Clean a Blackstone Griddle With a Grill Brick

The Blackstone Griddle is great for cooking delicious food and, as such, calls for good care.

If well taken care of, this griddle can last a lifetime. But are you aware that the grill brick has become a better option for cleaning Blackstone griddles?

The grill brick has gained popularity thanks to its affordability and ease of use. Many professional chefs have been using it for years now. However, you can also try it out, and you will definitely love it. Let me show you how to use it.

How to Clean a Blackstone Griddle With a Grill Brick

To clean your griddle with a grill brick, align one edge of the brick to one side of the griddle. Move the brick back and forth, starting from one side of the griddle as you head towards the other side. Do the cleaning from top to bottom, and if possible, cover the entire surface of your griddle.

Simple Steps for Cleaning a Blackstone Griddle with a Grill Brick

Heat your Griddle

Although not a must, you can heat your griddle up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit before you begin cleaning it. That way, when you apply the grill brick, it will do its job effectively and efficiently.

Moreover, you will need to use heat-resistant gloves while handling the hot surface of your griddle. They will protect your hands from getting burned by the hot surface.

Scrape off Your Griddle Using the Grill Brick

It’s now time to clean your griddle. The grill brick has a flat side perfect for scraping off food and grime from your Blackstone Griddle.

Simply align one edge of the grill brick to one side of the griddle. Clean by pushing the grill brick back and forth. Also, clean from top to bottom, and begin from one side heading towards another.

A grill brick also allows you to clean all sides of your Blackstone Griddle. In fact, I advise that you don’t only clean the dirty side of your griddle but the entire surface. Complete cleaning will help get rid of all those burnt bits on the surface.

If your griddle has any wrinkles or creases along some edges, you will need to remove any dirt hidden in the creases. Consequently, ensure that you give it some good scrubbing.

Clean, Dry, and Season Your Blackstone Griddle

You have finished cleaning your Blackstone griddle with a grill brick, right?

The next step will be to wash, dry, and season it thoroughly. These three procedures ensure that your griddle is ready for subsequent usage.

For more details, you can read how to clean a Blackstone griddle.

Remember to dry all the moisture and allow it time to air-dry also. After that, you can store it in an appropriate place.

Why Use a Grill Brick to Clean a Blackstone Griddle?

The grill brick is a safe, easy way to clean your Blackstone griddle. It’s made of silicon carbide that won’t scratch or damage the surface of your grill or oven, making it ideal for daily use.

The Grill Brick is an economical alternative to expensive cleaners since you’ll be able to use it repeatedly!

Moreover, grill bricks do not shed tiny pieces of metal during cleaning. Consequently, you will not need to worry about cleaning the area where you are doing your cleaning.

Grill bricks are also ideal because they don’t get clogged with grease as you clean. Moreover, they do not absorb carbon or food odors, making them effective and suitable for use multiple times.

Lastly, grill bricks are safe for you and your griddle. You need not worry about your hands getting affected or your food getting poisoned. They are also environmentally friendly.

Caution When Using Grill Bricks for Cleaning

Grill bricks are best suited for deep cleaning. They are abrasive and will, in most cases, remove the seasoning on your griddle.

As such, I always use a grill brick when I want to do deep cleaning so that I can season my griddle after that. Failing to season your Blackstone griddle after cleaning with a grill brick may also result in a rusty surface.

Although you can fix a rusty griddle, the better option here is to avoid it altogether.

If you want to know more about seasoning, read on how to season a griddle and why it’s essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are grill blocks made of?

Grill bricks are made of pumice stone primarily for removing carbon buildup and grease from grills and griddles. The abrasive property of pumice stone makes it ideal for dealing with stubborn grime on the griddle surface.

What is a grill stone?

A grill brick or stone is a small block made from recycled materials. It provides a chemical-free alternative to cleaning grime from a griddle.

Are grill bricks safe?

Grill bricks are safe for your hands because they are non-toxic. They are 100 percent free from any chemicals.

Wrapping it up

Try to clean your griddle at least once a week, as this will keep it in good condition. Using the grill brick method, you can ensure that your griddle gets adequately cleaned and is ready for its subsequent use.

However, remember that a grill brick is ideal for deep cleaning. Use it when you have stubborn grime on your Blackstone griddle or when you plan to do deep cleaning, then season your griddle.